Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Hate List

The items on this list are not ranked in any specific order, because then it becomes too difficult to decide which one deserves first place. This is off the top of my head. If I sat and thought like Dumbledore, poring through the contents of the Pensieve, I'm sure this list would turn out to be a book.

1. Hypocrites
2. People who actively try to make me eat meat, since my body apparently needs it.
3. Slow Internet
4. No, sorry, that’s a blessing. I hate “No Internet Connection” even more.
5. Prejudiced people
6. Bigots
7. Fifty Shades
8. People who picked it up and plopped it on the Bestsellers shelf and left it there
9. Runny nose
10. Indian W/Cs
11. Washrooms with no soap (I ask you, WHAT is the point?)
12. When my writing s****
13. Summer (I lived in Dubai for 17 years. Self explanatory.)
14. Global Warming
15. Blood
16. Hospitals (but, I love hospital dramas. Go figure)
17. “Practical” people
18. Mutant bugs
19. Ok. Normal bugs
20. Who am I kidding? Anything with more or less than four legs
21. Forgetting things (I am terrified of it)
22. Crappy mattresses
23. Romances with tragic endings
24. Electricity blackouts

26. The fact that my mom can cook food that tastes like heaven, and I can’t make decent tea. Crappy DNA selection?
27. Commercial breaks
28. Commercials that make you go “I’m sorry, what?”
29. Scary supermodels (Now look here, I’m not objectifying anyone. Um, I’m just saying?)
30. The fact that this list would keep growing.

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