Monday, July 15, 2013

Guys who made it to The List

So, this here is the proof of me being the hopeless romantic that I am. Knock yourselves out. Not one of them exists in flesh and blood. *sighs* Unfortunately.

1. Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)- you will always remember your first love. What I like about him is that he changed for Lizzy. he wanted to deserve her. what's the point of falling in love with a guy who is already perfect if you won't complete him?

2. Augustus Waters (The Fault in our Stars)- WHAT THE HELL. WHAT THE HELL? How dare you kill him off, John Green? The moment I opened the book, I knew he was the one going to die. I mean, obviously. But, I fell in love with him. He is witty, look at the bright side type, smart and a guy evidently in love. Ugh. Usually I like a book because of the strength of the female character. This book was an exception.

3. Jesse d'silva (The Mediator)- *swoons* spanish - says a lot of "querida", extremely hot, but doesn't seem aware of it, extremely jealous of other guys, very helpful and thinks the girl jumps head first into dangers and thus very brave, loves her guts, and hates her for it. oh, and he is a ghost.

4. Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson series)- Greek demigod- son of Poseidon, powers: hurricanes and other hazardous powers with his element water. Witty, obtuse, and his hubris is doing ANYTHING for people he loves. And, did I already say Greek demigod?

5. Ian O'Shea (The Host) - Able to see a person right to her soul (very, very literally) and not look through prejudiced eyes, and hides a very gentle and KIND soul in his big physique.

6. Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games)- Read the ENTIRE series.

7. Sam Temple (The Gone series)- He is such an imperfect character. He is a hero, but not someone who is insensitive to people around him and breaks down often under responsibilities he undertook himself. Moreover, he is able to make tough decisions for the greater good, even though he beats himself up later for it. I like him with all his flaws.

8. Magnus Bane (The mortal instruments, the infernal devices)- Okay. So, I know he is not the hero. And he is, as he puts it, "a freewheeling bisexual". But, he is so in love with Alec, he even considers stripping himself off of immortality. And he does everything for free for Alec's friends and doesn't resent it. He bears Alec's suspicions on his fidelity. He is EXTREMELY witty (I have a thing for witty guys), smart, funny, and takes life as it comes. But then he reaches a breaking point with Alec and also tells him that he would never fall out with love with him for the rest of eternity. Sob!

9. Will Herondale and James Carstairs ( The Infernal Devices) AARGH!!! THIS IS SO MUCH TORTURE!!!! I AM IN LOVE WITH THEM BOTH!!!

Just-kill-me-now-ingly Yours,

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