Friday, July 19, 2013

Clueless Meg Cabot Girls

I was introduced to Meg Cabot through The Princess Diaries. Therefore, I hated her. Come on, can you blame me?

But then, I accidentally came across the Mediator series and fell in love with it (actually more precisely Jesse, but for all practical purposes…) and decided to give her another chance. So I read Jinx, Airhead, Queen of babble, the Boy series, etc.

And I realized this. (Before you continue, know this- I don't really read romance. My only experience with this particular genre is through Cabot and Nicolas Sparks (ugh). So, this isn't exactly expert opinion)

Considering only the romantic segment in them, it’s got a predictable storyline. Girl meets Boy, a story runs in the background, Girl and Boy gets separated, Girl develops a crush on him, Boy in some way “unavailable” apparently, things keep getting complicated in the background, she finally emerges to be a hero, and poof! the boy of her dreams turns out to be in love with her, and has been forever, but she NEVER got it. Of course.

The setting changes. Boy is a ghost, a vampire, Girl a supermodel, a mediator, a nerd, both in high school, etc.
But, she NEVER gets it.

Face it, Cabot is playing mind games with us poor girls. She is telling us that eventually the guy we are having a crush on (in my case, all of them are pieces of someone else’s imagination, modified by me) would eventually turn out to be in love with you as well.

Girl: So listen, I know that Jane Doe is not talking/has another boyfriend/ran off with someone else. But don’t lose heart. She’ll eventually find her way back to you.
(aside mentally) I AM KILLING MYSELF!
Boy: !
Girl: Why are you looking at me like that?
Boy: (moves closer) I don’t want her. I always wanted you. How come you never got that?
Girl (dazed) What? No! You like her! You told me so!
Boy: (moving still closer) No, you assumed so.
Dialogue that makes you want to replace the heroine with yourself follows. Boy and Girl stares into each other’s eyes. Steamy kiss follows.
And everyone lives happily ever after.
(Except for the Queen of babble series. I’m saving it to use some space in blogsville to vent out about it later. Oh, sure. *nods head vigorously*)

Damn it woman. David Archuleta won’t EVER have this conversation with me.
Or the guys I mentioned in a previous blog post.

To girls everywhere that their love is always requited, at least in Meg Cabot fashion,

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