Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Twitter Story: The Seven Realms - Cinda Williams Chima

It was just after the semester break when I walked into Miss J’s room to catch up on all the fandoms – old and new, when she suddenly jabbed a finger in my face.
Miss J: YOU.
Me: (shocked) Yeah?
Miss J: (pointing to a daunting stack of books) YOU’RE READING THIS.
Me: (snorts after picking up one and reading the blurb) Really? It’s that good?
Miss J: Oh. I’m sorry. It wasn’t a request.

Reader, my life has changed forever since.

Where do I start? The fact that the last time I’d read a series so plotsy, so addictive, and so good was maybe when I read the Percy Jackson Series. Which was four years back. Or the fact that I got a heroine to look up to – someone who managed to be realistic and inspiring and just so very badass. Or the fact that every day till I finished reading the series, I would hit the sack only when my eyes had stopped distinguishing words from one another (which was two am-ish). Or the fact that I was able to extend my Book Boyfriends list to include #10. (Just thinking about Han has my heart beating faster – THIS IS MADDENING UGH) Or the fact that the THE CHARACTERS are annoyingly real – HOW CAN FICTION DO THAT? Cat with her ferocity. Fire Dancer with his understanding. Micah with his love. Amon with all the tortured, repressed feelings (THAT POOR SOUL). Bird with her trust. “Crow” with his Han-ishness. Then -


GOD THOSE TWO. This series isn’t your average love story. The hero and the heroine have like JUST TWO EPISODES together in the first book and it isn’t till Book 3 that Han gets to know that Raisa isn’t just some random blueblood but the FRIGGIN’ QUEEN. Did I mention that at that point he’s a boy with the reputation of being a streetlord and a thief?
So, yeah, considering my Book Boyfriends list, this is the second outlaw I’ve fallen in love with. I am hopelessly incorrigible.

This isn’t a review. Reviews are for telling people (very coherently and objectively) why they should or shouldn’t read a book. This is a post in which I have overindulged in feeeeeeeeeeelings. Very ship-py feelings. Very WHAT-THE-EFFING-HELL-HAPPENS-NEXT feelings.

For a more comprehensible idea of my symptoms, you should check my tweets out. (For those of you who already follow me, I will not ask you to continue reading this post, as such reading material is okay the first time, torturous the second. You might have also noticed the small fact that I changed my surname – not that it matters a lot).


P.S.: Apparently there is going to be a spin-off series (YES!) but Han and Raisa are like 42 (NOOOOO)

P.P.S: There isn't going to be a rating for this one. This is purely a fangirl post, not a reviewer's because:

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