Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fantasy Social Circle

If you’ve come across my second Liebster post, you might have noticed my answer to Briana’s question, “If you had to pick two fictional characters to be your parents and raise you from baby to adult who would you pick and why?”

That got me thinking. Why stop there? Why not wish for an entire social circle?
There are many idealist father figures featured in books – Hans Hubermann, Dumbledore, Sirius Black – but Atticus trumps them all. All those scenes between Scout and him makes me feel incredibly fond of them.
She kicks ass - human asses, godly asses, demigod asses, when it comes to Percy.
August is the wise one, June is the angry one, May is the sweet one. And all of them have an infinite capacity for love. They also make honey. WHAT AN AMAZING BOOK THIS IS.
I need a geeky younger brother who has no clue about girls, keeps researching whether dogs have psychic abilities, and is cool with his sister having a relationship with their domestic ghost.
This one happens to be a childhood fantasy that has stood the test of time.
She dyes her hair whatever godforsaken colour she wants, she is the protector of the downtrodden and the weak, pretends like she isn't vulnerable, loves Cher and anything Cher, gets pregnant and decides to keep the baby.
Won-Won is King. He irritates you to death, keeps picking fights, is sarcastic, hates Snape, loves Hermione but doesn't know it, is ready to hunt horcruxes and play deadly chess so that you know you are not alone. And he has a humongous family that adopts you just by association.
I can't choose. I CAN'T CHOOSE ALRIGHT? *throws pillows at the computer* I'd be HAPPY EVER AFTER with any of them.

To know the kind of things he does for his crush/boyfriend's friends, you need to read the series. (After book 3, I continued for the sole sake of Magnus.) He is ... indescribably awesome for a friend, an indescribable honour for a boyfriend. He says he is a "freewheeling bisexual" and all that, so fingers crossed.
You need to read this book, if you haven't already. Remember I wrote a post on how before the boy and the girl become an item they have this intense hate relationship and how overused all that drama is? That technically happens here too - to an extent where the fights become physical and WAR - but when you continue you realize things are not how they seem. I do not have a crush on Jonah, he belongs to Taylor - it feels wrong even coveting him, however fictional he is.

And that's it people. My brain has refused to cooperate to help expand this list. Share your lists please.

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