Monday, December 9, 2013

Wannabe Weirdos Vs ME

Right, I get it. Weird's the new Cool. But I REALLY  can't stand it when the in-crowd label themselves "weird" when all they do is the generic cool stuff that the generic in-crowd does. HOW COULD YOU? YOU STOLE EVEN THE WEIRD FROM US WEIRDOS.

Here. These are the reasons why people started calling me weird and why I embraced it:

1) It was two in the am when I decided to brush my teeth after losing a battle with my conscience when my argument was "WHY BOTHER WHEN I'LL BRUSH AGAIN IN FIVE HOURS?" As soon as I made this decision to save my teeth from further deterioration, I take my dad's sunglasses from the 90's, put it on, and while I'm posing for the mirror, I brush my teeth.

2) I just took stock of what's in my bag and I discovered that if apocalypse were to make an entry now, I would armed with three data cables (Lenovo, Samsung, and the usual)-what they connect is loudly absent, lip balm, and the wrong currency (I'm in Dubai now and have rupees in it). End of the world, I am SO ready for you.
(I'm thinking I'll go pull a Sheldon Cooper and fix an Emergency Escape bag).

3) While normal girls talk about films and actors, know how to fix a cup of tea that won't poison anybody, gossip, are familiar with the various Facebook operations and terminologies, (I realize I've presented the stereotyped female, but that's what I've felt), not only have I proved to be inherently incapable of the above mentioned, I talk at mph on any given Physics topic, books that I like (caring tuppence about who I'm talking to), clam up when social niceties dictate me to interact in a non-uncomfortable manner to the poor soul who wound up next to me, keep my Facebook chat permanently off, and continues living for months without updating my outdated Whatsapp version.

4) This is the part where I've felt the whole world's weird and I'm normal. If you acknowledge that you're scared of nothing but lizards, you're normal, but if I scream when some yet-to-be-identified creature of the six-legged variety stings me, all I get is WHY THE HELL CAN'T YOU SHUT UP. The fact that only lizards don't scare me to a scream sometimes elicits a REALLY? reaction from some. Sans the sarcasm.

5) I'm prepared to "sacrifice" two hours of sleep at night to finish a book.

Yours Unashamedly-Happily-Weird,

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