Monday, December 9, 2013

Allegiant - Veronica Roth

**********BEWARE OF SPOILERS**********

After finishing Insurgent (for those who live under a rock - it's the second book of the Divergent series), I was emoting this emotion called Give Me Allegiant Now  Or Else. And a book hangover obviously. So it's only understandable that my expectations were sky-high for Allegiant. Now since I live in a place where bookstores are as rare as non-scary bugs, and are as up to date as my college library (which by the way seems to be stuck in a time ripple somewhere at the turn of the century) I had to be content with reading the reviews. Which ranged from THEAWESOMESTBOOKEVER!!! to I-don't-know-whether-to-love-or-hate-you messages to Veronica Roth to I-CRIED-BUCKETS-I'M-IN-DEPRESSION. And then I read this from a review on goodreads:

"There's this post on Veronica Roth's blog, where she says that she would have preferred it if Harry had died in the last HP book, because it would have been "by far the most powerful moment of the entire series. And beyond that, an incredible act of heroism.""

So I put the two and two together and ran to J (my buddy reader) and I SCREAMED at her that maybe the heroine gets killed off. Maybe she introduced Tobias' POV to continue the narration after Tris dies.
We had this ten seconds of silence after I propounded this theory. Then we both simultaneously shook our heads and said NO WAY ABSOLULETLY NO. Then we're like, um, maybe?
Now we both REALLY REALLY BADLY WANTED this book.

So I got the book before she did, and I kept tormenting her with the fact that she didn't and all that nonsense. And I started reading it.
These were my reactions during my reading progress:

Huh. Hm.
Hmm. *gets up for something else to do*
*sits back down* Ok.
THIS IS WHY THE BOOK EXISTED IN THE FIRST PLACE? Genetic engineering gone bad? But, that's just -.-. Expected a bigger background story. Oh yeah, maybe it gets bigger.
This is getting SLIGHTLY boring. *pursues reading*
Definitely boring.
*cares not to comment*
Ok. So Tris survives the death serum and dies of a bullet wound. How thrilling.
Now Tobias is in depression. Wow. I think this is the part where i'm supposed to cry, but nope, nothing.
The End.

This book in short was a MASSIVE DISAPPOINTMENT. The character development was a bit confusing. And the plot was completely unexpected. And I do not mean that as a compliment.

J still hasn't read this book. But i told her the story anyway. And she doesn't want to judge it yet, but she hasn't read it either.

Bottomline: Allegiant somehow doesn't come across as the fitting climax to Divergent. I mean, I haven't got closure yet. Tris and Tobias seem to be stuck in the Insurgent phase of their universe, for me.
This is injustice, Ms. Veronica. Usually when characters are killed off, you cry, because despite how much you loathe it and want to kill the writer, you know that they were supposed to die. When Tris was killed off, what I thought was "now isn't that a bummer". Because TRIS WASN'T SUPPOSED TO DIE. It defeats the purpose, if Tris' story were to have a classic Dauntless ending - getting killed. To those who say it was an Abnegation-worthy ending: *flips the bird*

I wanted Tris to be Divergent. Not always-Dauntless, sometimes-Abnegation, sometimes-Erudite. Divergent.

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