Monday, March 24, 2014

On The Count Of Ten

Now close your eyes and don't peek,
Close your eyes and listen,
One. Two. Three.
Now open your eyes and look for me.
And here you are, clutching my,
Dress, my hair, my hand,
Four. Five. Six.
It's my turn, and I've seen you,
A girl in expensive age,
Paid for with memories.
Seven. Eight. Nine.
Now we've caught each other,
We'll hide behind the grandmother tree,
Once the sun's kissed you awake.
Ten - you fall asleep.
Eleven - you let go of me.
Twelve - I fall too.
I can count the guns no more,
I close my eyes and listen,
And hear the silence you pulled me into,
Close your eyes and don't peek,
close your eyes and listen,

And I will sing you to sleep.

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