Saturday, September 28, 2013

The List (including living breathing people) Part II

Prison Break.

When I first saw Michael Scofield, I thought - huh, ok.
Fact: Only 20% of your attractiveness is influenced by your physical features. The rest is brought on by your personality.
That more than explains the reason why he became non - fictional - crush - way - out - of - my - league #3.
And the reason why all the guys I've met in real life, who I thought were drop- dead gorgeous are now just sort of good looking. Or worse.
Back to Scofield.
Dude, he's an engineer who actually is more than worthy of his certificate,and let me tell you, THAT is an achievement in this country where engineers are born at a rate that is just shy of the national birth rate, and about a small percentage is any good (the statistics are not empirical, just a bit exaggerated).
Extremely smart (I'm too lazy to think up synonyms to exactly describe his IQ), again, THAT SMILE, the almost there - I'm - screwing - you - smile, SENSITIVE ( everytime he showed it - awww...), and His Eyes.

So routine beckoned. I googled him. His Wikipedia page informed me that he's gay as well.
Now I'd been watching the third season at that time with Joana. At 11:45p.m when I made this discovery, I ran to her room, banged on it, woke up her roomies, and she stepped out, trying to open her eyes, God bless her.
She: What is it?
(Inside mutterings can be heard)
She: (rubs her eyes and they bulge out) WHAT? No ways, absolutely no.

Her roomies were sympathetic to our cause within two minutes, so they didn't screw me.
I had never seen her so heartbroken.

All this prompted me to evaluate myself. None of the (8+3) guys are within my league. So right now ( I most probably would regret posting this later), I have in my head a person who has all the characteristics I've absorbed from the (8+3) guys. Point being, it's gonna be very hard for me to fall in love.

Fact: the fifth stage after a person has gone through trauma is acceptance. This is how I'm going through it (the trauma being Wentworth Miller is gay):

1. Wentworth Miller is NOT Michael Scofield.
2. I'm in love with Michael Scofield. Ergo the validity of point 1.
3. Anyways, Wikipedia says he's 41 now. So, puhleez, I don't have a crush on him.
4. And he looks bad when he's not on Prison Break, if I can judge the photos Google threw up.

So, yeah, writing all this down helps some. All these thoughts were flying around in my brain, and it helps with the acceptance stage, seeing all this in words that aren't going to jump around.

Not - anymore - Mrs. Scofield.

P.S. : Excuse the part where I sound like a thirteen year old girl who scribbles Mrs. (insert name) over and over again in her journal.

P.P.S: I heard Scofield dies in the fourth season. So I guess I can't be Mrs. Scofield anyways. Good, right?

P.P.P.S: Go to hell. In my version, Sara doesn't exist, he and I live happily ever after. The Company got screwed. The end.

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