Saturday, September 28, 2013

The List (including living breathing people) Part I

I have decided that most people are incredibly right about one thing.
Me falling in love is going to be an event that has to be recorded in This Century's Greatest Achievements.
A sub - point that I have to admit is that there is something fundamentally wrong with me. Believe me, that was a point overwrought with dispute.
This sudden confession was brought on by a Wikipedia page. It just strung some things together, and revealed a thread that I had previously dismissed as non - existent. For hope's sake.
The Wikipedia page aka The Culprit? Wentworth Miller's.
So I had Prison Break lying around during a period of time that appears rarely when you're doing a course in engineering, when I was bored out of my imagination. My cousin and I thought, what the heck, let's see it.
Like I mentioned in a previous blog post, most guys that I'm in love with are fictional. Then a non-fictional person appeared, I canvassed him, and got him fans, or in other words, the ambitious club of Prospective Mrs. David Archuleta-s happened. There were fights over who deserved David Archuleta the most.
We were ALL in love.
Those who had the guts (or were foolish enough) to call him baby - faced were murdered by the said club. Each song that was released was put on repeat mode. And advertised. Navi heard that he came to Chennai for charity work, and we lamented over the fact that Dubai didn't have enough scope for doing charity. Or didn't appear to be on his list of top ten places to hold a concert.
Then along came White Collar. Neal Caffrey came - I don't know- in a way that was IMPOSSIBLE  for me to NOT be in love with him. What with that smug smile like it's an inside joke that only he's in on, THAT HAT, his wits, his extremely high IQ, et cetera. Plus little things here and there. Not to mention his good looks. Sorry, understatement. Now, I think of suits, I think of him in it. I turned to trusted PI Google. Imagine my heartbreak when I saw the word 'gay' was mentioned on his Wikipedia page.  Plus, I've seen him only on the idiot box. Non - fictional - crush - way - out - of - my - league #2.

8 fictional characters plus 2  living ones, both who don't know that I exist. That was my crush list. Before.

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