Saturday, November 8, 2014

REVIEW: Imitation - Heather Hildenbrand


This book is a well-written piece of literature. I can’t find it in me to fault the writing. The plot was paced out perfectly by giving extra attention to fleshing out every character. Titus Rogen came across the villain with the dark murky past. Marla, whose notes sent to Imitations in Twig City is the sort of character you can’t judge till after you have finished the series. Ida and Lonnie are the sort of people you want in your support group. Daniel is …
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I'm not spoiling, you.
Imitation climbed the plot arc mountain with finesse. I stayed up till after midnight to climb down from the conflict plateau.
I liked Ven’s voice – brave with a side of scared. Although there is insta-attraction featured here, it’s justifiable – since it would have been the natural course for any girl in Ven’s shoes. Because, hey when you have a character like Linc Crawford who is a hybrid between Four in Divergent (both the Pre – and Post – Tris versions of him) and your average everyday awe-inspiring biker dude (see what I did there?), you really can’t help but forgive her, especially when we know that she hasn’t seen that many Y-chromosomes in Twig City.That being said, what sets this book apart from the other dystopian books?

The Imitation Club: “We have CLONES”

Uh. Orphan Black is way too amazing. I didn’t find Book One compulsive enough to induct me into the Imitation Club. I also don’t think I will pick up Book 2 unless I find it lying around within an arm’s reach. It was a good read (I didn’t feel like I was subjecting my eyes to torture or killing time pointlessly), but not great enough.

How helpful was that, eh? I can’t pinpoint out exactly what made it short of a Great Enough Read. Maybe I’m suffering from the Too Much Dystopian Syndrome and everything just feels the same.

VERDICT: 3 stars

… And An Announcement

Okay. There isn’t a better way of saying this. I am going to take the rest of the month off my blog. Reasons:

EXAMS. And this isn't even nearly whole pile.

Oh yes. Only an overly ambitious fool like me would decide to participate in NaNoWriMo when she has her semester-end exams as well. Just. Bear with me, alright?

What do you have to look forward to? In December, I am going to post some fabulous reviews of some fabulous ARCs I received (thanks Netgalley!) and some posts from when my mind was high on coffee and all things nice.

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