Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Me Being A Graffiti Artist - You Should Too

I know, I know. I have been dead in the bloggerverse without even posting a formal I-am-gonna-be-dead post. I couldn’t be bothered to. Fell into Too-Lazy-To-Blog phase. Which preceded the It’s-Exams-This-Week phase. You know, the phase that coincides with the I-Am-Not-Renewing-My-Internet-Subscription-In-The-Likely-Hope-I-Will-Study phase. Too bad Like-That-Made-My-Exams-Go-Any-Better phase followed soon after. I hope this passable attempt at a blog makeover will win you guys over.

But not to worry, all you lovable people. The extreme mental exercise (and torture) that my brain was subjected to, got those dusty shelves in the corner, a spring cleaning. Things started making sense and I realized I needed to tell some people.

This blog was named The Graffiti On The Wall for a reason. I wanted to write about all those trains of thoughts that traveled on the tracks along the border of sanity and insanity. This pseudo-technically (humour me – pretend this phrase is approved by the Oxford whitebeards) makes me a graffiti artist.
I’ve always admired graffiti artists. I am aware that it is illegal but somehow it feels revolutionary. I swear, some dude with a lot of green to throw around should put up some Walls-Exclusively-For-Scribbling everywhere so that these artists get a canvas. A mouthpiece.

Dear fellow bloggers, we’ve taken wall graffiti to another dimension. 


I am highly opinionated. Yes, I am a vegetarian. No, I am not a feminist. Yes, I am pro-LGBT. No, I despise Fifty Shades. Yes, I have started resenting John Green’s omnipresence. No, I don’t see what’s so great about Twilight.Yes, I would defend JKR to the ends of the world. No, I don’t care that there is a severe lack of POCs as MCs. Yes, I listen to Justin Bieber. No, EFF YOU, I think nerds are cool.

Shout it out to the world people. There is no need for you (and I don’t just mean fellow bloggers) to go along with the tide and wash up as flotsam on some beach along with other similar opinions. Learn to say NO. Spray paint your walls with resilience, willpower and courage.

Do not forget to put up walls in the first place.

Alright, that’s it. I am done with this philosophical crap. 

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