Saturday, January 3, 2015

Ringing In The New

This is a short post to check in and verify my presence in the blogosphere. As you have already noticed, all ye faithful old followers, this blog has revamped its look. I’m not so sure whether I like it, but it will have to stay since I can’t do any better. For now. Even I was sick and tired of the old theme, and hey, the new year demands some newness, right?

I need to take the previous line to heart. My Twitter profile pic has remained the same for the past half year, and my Facebook profile pic for the past whole year. I had lately tweeted that I changed my phone ringtone after three years. Of course, I am also unashamedly pointing out the fact that I hadn’t changed my phone for three years when in this age, smarter phones are born at a rate faster than you can say ten Mississippis. I am now happy to inform that I have obtained a new phone (which has its grey areas compared to the latest model), courtesy of my dad, who couldn’t resist falling for the 2 FOR 1 deal. Dads, man.

Blogging resolutions, you ask? Right now, my ambitions are pretty basic. The new semester looks bad enough in the semester plan, so I only have an inkling of how bad it can actually get. Therefore, there is every chance my posts are going to be pretty sporadic. But I happen to be a person of indubitable willpower, so maybe I can rock my way through. Like always. Then there is my TBR pile, the pile that at the same time makes me go weak in the knees and also terrifies me with its height. I solemnly swear I will make my way up it diligently. 

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