Thursday, July 3, 2014

Some Bad Boys We Can't Help But Love

Before I begin raving about this very important topic, I want to send out a huge SORRY. I happen to be living in a place where three bars on anything that provides an access to the World Wide Web is a privilege so, no I hadn't stopped blogging just trapped in the 15th century.

You know how I accidentally mentioned the fact that I’m obsessed with Korean series even though it’s completely against the core tenet of my being? (I mean, THERE IS A LIMIT to how much one can take the constant squabbling and jibing and heated staring and the omnipresence of really cute guys and such pretty girls that threaten your feminine existence. Plus, I’m still very much against contemporary romances.) So we were watching this series where EVERYONE swooned and drooled over the hero (who is unspeakably good looking) and the same everyone felt sorry for (they called him) The Villain when I and another girl secretly, unconsciously rooted for (ugh I hate that word) The Villain. Maybe not outright “rooted for”. We were okay if the girl ended up with him and not the hero.
And there we were fangirling, just the two of us, when my train of thought pulled up at a station. I remembered the other times when I rooted for the guy who didn’t get the girl and is BAD by common consensus. I am never included in the “common”, BTW.
Examples (in the order I met them):
Draco Malfoy – Harry Potter series
I don’t know why alright? It’s probably because I felt sorry for him. It’s like he almost had no choice in who he should turn out to be, what with his family and all. Every time he did something evil I’d mentally say something like “No, Draco why did you do that?” and feel my heart twisting with sadness.  And when I reached that chapter in HBP where he’s pointing a wand at Dumbledore I kept chanting, “No, no, no” which worked. And then the epilogue happened and I was happy. During that time when I was on the HP marathon, my dreams included Draco and me at the Three Broomsticks sipping a butterbeer, somewhat like Lily and Snape – speaking house-wise. And the Tom Felton casting didn’t hurt either.
I’m allowed to fantasize, okay?
 Luke Castellan – Percy Jackson series
Ah, Luke darling. Do you have any idea how much heartache you caused me? I think it was the sympathy bone in me for feeling this way. He resented his crappy dad and then I come to know about his mom and I had to admire him despite the choices he made.
Then the climax of The Last Olympian turned on the waterworks and I loved him forever.
Damon Salvatore – The Vampire Diaries (only season one of the TV series– don’t have the patience to get through the other seasons or the books)
Because he’s infinitely much better looking than Stephan. With his quintessential bad boy looks and those piercing blue eyes and that smug smile of his and his trademark sarcasm and … okay I have exceeded the permissible number of connectors in a sentence.
ETA: I heard he's the boyfriend now. Due to popular demand, perhaps?  
Loki – Thor the movie

I am not shallow but it’s pretty hard to evince the appropriate sentiment (in this case, a combination of frustration and loathing) and aim it at such a gorgeous male specimen.
(My parents don’t read my blog – YAY)
Choi Young Do (aka The Villain) – The Heirs
choi young do crying gif
He fell in love with the girl already claimed by the hero but DOESN’T REALIZE IT. He keeps doing things boys in primary school do to the girls they have a crush on – if Cha Eun Sang had pigtails I’m sure he would have pulled on it. He keeps tripping her, pushed her into the pool, and spilled juice so that she would have to mop it up. And yeah, there are always ways to piss off the boyfriend too. But he also keeps doing these anonymous acts of kindness and we’re whispering, “You like her, you like her, how stupid are you?” And then there’s this scene (as depicted above in the gif i made painfully) where he cries (for a totally different reason) and I’m screaming at the screen that I EXIST FORGET HER.
This is my list of bad boys I ship with me. Care to share?

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