Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I Embarrass Myself - Episode One

My favourite pastime is embarassing myself. Anytime, anywhere however I want. Sometimes, history repeats itself. Deja vu is a frequent occasion. I have a gift (a RARE gift, mind you) to embarass myself in the same fashion, in front of the exact same audience. A round of applause each time.

(curtain raises)
scene: my classroom, Basic Electical Engineering hour. Seated in the front row.
The teacher Ms. RR draws a (something that's complicated that I don't remember) on the blackboard. She turns.
RR: How do you solve this?
She briefly scans the audience. No one looks at her. Except yours truly.

RR:(pointing at me) Draw it. (Holds out the chalk)

Me: (gets up. looks confident. Puts one leg out from under the table. The class looks on bored. RR drifted to the furthest corner at the back. I move forward. Correction: try to. I look down at my leg that seems to be ensnared in my bag's strap (big deal). I twist my leg around. Try to move. Twist around a bit more. No luck)

Me: Um..

(The class looks on very interestedly. Sniggers break out. One progresses to a laugh. I keep struggling. A sympathethic soul tries to help)

The Sympathethic Soul: I'll catch this. You pull your leg out, ok?

(RR walks to the front. For someone who usually doesn't show any expression, cracks a smile at my predicament. The class emboldened by this starts laughing. RR waves at me to sit down. My big moment ruined.)

TSS: Twist your leg.
Me: ( dances. Sits. stands. dances again. Frustrated, I try to rip the freaking thing from around my leg. Succeeds at last. By the time which someone else had been woken up to solve the question.)

RR as it turned out wasn't sympathetic.The next question was for me. This time I didn't know the answer.

(curtain falls)

Waiting-for-applause-ingly yours,

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