Monday, July 15, 2013

Yours Truly

I am 18 years old. Female. Belongs to the species Homo Sapiens Dementa. Unfortunately, I am no witch, shadowhunter, vampire, caster, Greek/Roman/Egyptian demigod, princess, wanted thief, or mediator. Didn't find any magical wardrobe, never got reaped for the Hunger Games (uh, I'm not complaining too much about that), was never classified Divergent, never found any egg that could possibly be a dragon's, and Gandalf never came knocking at my door.

Therefore, my life is as colourful as my uniform (FYI, it's a yucky green and black).

Question #1: Why this blog then?
Please refer my blog's subtitle.

My mode of escapism, if you haven't already guessed, is reading. My hair reflects my character. I like to think of it as Hermione Granger hair (nope, no one tells otherwise).

Some people avoid me because they think I'm contagious. But then there are absolute gems who belong to the same species as I. We crack a joke, we laugh, and any outsider who happens to have the absolute misfortune of being incuded in the said group, wonders if the insane is the new sane, and says nothing.

Question #2: Ok, so why this blog?
Alright, it's because:
a) My BFF Caroline inspired me to
b) She told me to
c) I liked the idea of spray painting blogsville with my thoughts
d) I wanted to

Yours Truly

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